An exceptional dining experience that’s equal parts style and substance awaits at Aqua Kyoto, offering an exceptional dining experience with a dash of innovation and elegance. If you’re looking for a spot that pushes Japanese dining experiences to new heights, the Aqua Kyoto restaurant in London is your destination.

Indulge in Aqua Kyoto's Japanese Weekend Brunch

Aqua Kyoto seamlessly blends the essence of Kyoto with the vibrant energy of Soho, all while offering one of the best weekend brunches in London. With its sleek, modern décor inspired by Japanese aesthetics, meals take place in a tranquil yet dynamic atmosphere. The restaurant spotlights traditional cooking techniques and ingredients, presenting an authentic taste of Kyoto’s Japanese cuisine for one of the best weekend brunches in the area.

drinks and food served
Enjoy a top Japanese Weekend Brunch at Aqua Kyoto!

From meticulously crafted sushi to innovative dishes, you’ll be spoiled with every bite that transports you to the heart of Japan for the incredible Weekend Brunch. Plus, the rooftop terrace provides stunning city views, making it a unique fusion of Kyoto’s serenity and Soho’s urban chic. Discover the best Japanese restaurants in London and enjoy one of the best Japanese weekend brunches.

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