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RARE - Oak Wood Fire Grill

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MeliĆ” Desert Palm, Al Awir

Open: Tuesday - Sunday 7pm - 11pm


*subject to change


Daily 6pm - 11pm

Enjoy A La Carte menu


Treat yourself to an intimate meal cooked on the wood-smoked grill, with a view overlooking the polo field and glittering Dubai skyline. Whether you prefer the chic and modern setting of the indoor dining room or the lush green surroundings of the outdoor terrace, at Rare you can count on a phenomenal dining experience. Choose from raw, cured and smoked, braised and grilled, and fire and iron, carefully selected ingredients combined with artisanal know-how creating delectable delights. Indulgent cuts of chargrilled meats and fresh seafood are expertly paired with fine wine from the cellar.


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