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Iranish Iranian Restaurant

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Wasl 51, Jumeirah

Open: Sunday to Thursday 12pm - 12am, Friday & Saturday 12pm - 1am
Clock IconOpening hours:
Sunday to Thursday 12pm - 12am,
Friday & Saturday 12pm - 1am


Presenting a culinary journey through flavors, cultures, and cherished memories, this restaurant offers a cozy haven of Persian gastronomy. Delve into a tapestry of Persian cuisine, where every dish narrates a story and every bite unveils an adventure. Firmly rooted in Persian traditions, the menu boasts fragrant saffron, succulent kebabs, and rich stews, crafted with love and care. Emerging in the vibrant heart of Dubai, this culinary voyage promises exceptional dining experiences. As patrons step inside, they are welcomed not merely as customers but as cherished members of the family. Every aspect, from the inviting ambiance to the meticulous presentation of each dish, reflects the heartfelt dedication poured into this culinary sanctuary.


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