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Wasl Vita Shopping Mall, Al Wasl

Open: Sunday - Thursday 9am - 10pm Friday & Saturday 9am - 12am
Clock IconOpening hours:
Sunday - Thursday 9am - 10pm
Friday & Saturday 9am - 12am


*subject to change


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Enjoy delicious breakfast items at KOBEYa


KOBEYa, the café and retail store, has a unique concept that brings joy to gluten free healthy eating. Our aim is to serve healthy food that caters to a variety of tastes. As our name suggests, our menu features Kobe Beef, known famously around the world for being the highest quality and healthy red meat. From the first bite our dishes take you on a culinary journey as you take in the ingredients, tradition of cooking, and wisdom of well-being. In Japan, before eating, you will hear people saying “Itadakimas.” This is the way of appreciating and thanking all those who have been part of bringing the food to the table. From the earth, to the farmers, to those who bought the food, those who cooked the food; every step is part of a system that must work together harmoniously to bring you the best.


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