Al-Shorfa Restaurant & Cafe (La Mer) photo

Al-Shorfa Restaurant & Cafe (La Mer)

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La Mer, Jumeirah

Open: Daily 8am - 2am


*subject to change

Business Lunch

Daily 12.30pm - 4.30pm

AED40 per person

Enjoy a set menu lunch at Al - Shorfa Restaurant & Cafe


Daily 8am - 2am

AED79 per Shisha

Enjoy food & beverage at Al-Shorfa Restaurant & Cafe (La Mer)

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You can immediately sense the uniqueness and diversity of Alleppian dishes. They contain aspects of several civilizations, including Turkish, Persian and European. All of these influences formed the basis of the recipes inherited and shared through families and successive generation, especially when it comes to each Aleppian family adding its own touch


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