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Asador de Aranda

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Address Downtown, Downtown

Open: Daily 2pm - 3am


Asador de Aranda, a restaurant founded in the heart of Spain, Castilla y Leon, opens its doors to the UAE. A renowned Spanish institution, the venue is known to have hosted everyone from Royalty and government officials to celebrities like Daisy Ridley and Ragheb Alama. The star of the restaurant is the El cuarto de asado, a tantalizing dish consisting of roasted suckling lamb leg made in a wood-fired oven. Asador meaning ‘roasting restaurant,’ guests will be able to savour a happy marriage between the past and present in Spanish cuisine and gastronomy. The restaurant, located in Downtown Dubai, offers a typical menu consisting of mainstays such as delicious lamb and a selection of vegetable and Castilian starters with the Torta de Aranda, a fluffy bread made of olive oil and wheat flour. Sangría and Wine Service: Available


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